Neurofascial facilitated therapy

During February 2011 I visited the United States for further advanced training in pain management. I was privileged enough to be taught Neurofascial Facilitated Therapy by Bill Polk himself in an individual session at his Harvard-based Acupuncture Center.

Neurofascial Facilitated Therapy (Neurostretch) is a fascial stretching technique developed by Bill Polk over a period of 30 years. These techniques are used to relieve sciatica, lower back pain, hip, neck and knee problems. Anyone with structural, muscular or fascial problems benefits immediately from this therapy. In simple terms, it involves isolating the skeletal structure to obtain access to the three major fascial planes of the body as described by Bill.

The techniques are effective for essential performance (sitting, walking, etc.), rehabilitation and performance (athletic or recreation) enhancement. They also resolve asymmetric problems either structural or muscular in nature. Clients generally feel the difference immediately and realize as quickly the benefits are lasting. The stretches can be done by yourself or even more effectively with a partner.

 Dr. Chad Starkey of Northeastern University writes: "Bill's techniques place the body in an alignment that places the target nerves on stretch. This may release adhesions and/or muscle tightness compressing the nerve, restricting its normal glide. By clearing the nerve's normal path, pain and other symptoms are resolved. The techniques are similar to standard stretching techniques, but the increased emphasis on body posture maximize the effects on the nerves...Symptom relief (as experienced) lasts for 7 to 10 days, but this period can be extended by self stretching."

I have already incorporated NFT into my practice and am very pleased with the progress my clients with chronic back pain are making.

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